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Reach your audience:

consumers are spending the majority of their digital time on mobile devices, and the bulk of that time in mobile apps. Mobile inventory empowers you to reach your audience at any time, in any place.

Mobile also drives results:

compared to desktop ads, mobile advertising drives 2-3x higher point lifts for key brand metrics such as favorability, aided awareness, likelihood to recommend, and purchase intent.


When it comes to segmentation and targeting, our precision targeting makes the difference. You can segment your campaigns using a lot of mobile specific variables without having to sacrifice reach. These are some examples of possible segmentation variables:

  • User Interests based on prior behavior from more than 300 million users
  • Demographic information: Age and Gender
  • Geolocation: country, region, city and zipcode
  • Geofencing with multiple levels of precision
  • IP address

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Its great to get your brand out there on people’s phones. This has really helped grow my business.

Mark ElChaer

OWNER, Habibi Bar and Hookah