The real estate industry is very agile and competitive, particularly the Jacksonville, Florida market which has grown very tight. To keep up, realtors have to remain on top of their game by embracing technological advances and resources such as drone videos as part of their marketing strategy. Specializing in marketing videos for Real Estate, Game Changer Media Group is a solid company with a commercial license. We use the mavic 2 zoom with 4k video custom requests. Through our services, Realtors will enhance their business in both residential and commercial perspectives. Drone videos in real estate have many advantages including;

  1. Creates captivating property images

With drone videos as part of your marketing strategy in real estate, you are able to come up with compelling images that will captivate your clients. An aerial view of a property makes it much more desirable as it brings out the beauty and perfect location, making its idealness vivid.

  1. Highlights important features of the property

In selecting a property even remotely through pictures, prospective clients will always be more interested with a property directly linked to critical amenities like roads, supermarkets for their shopping and even health facilities. Drone videos offers realtors with a chance to capture all the attractive things about a property, with a unique perspective crucial in closing the deal.

  1. Virtual property tours as part of sales

Clients require convincing on why a certain property is right for them. Using drone videos enables you to capture a property in a creative design to convince the client. By identifying the location of the property, its neighborhood, elements such as accessibility and proximity to important facilities like banks and stores, the prospective client gets a virtual tour that is needed before finally settling for their desired property. More interestingly, they can watch it from a state, country or continent away.

  1. Attracts new business and save money in the process

Drone videos are a cheaper technique than aerial photography as part of marketing. While at it, the realtor also generates new business because buyers and prospective clients will be impressed working with a resourceful agent, open to using the most recent tools to in service delivery.

  1. Getting above the competition

Using drone videos as part of your means to appeal to clients sets you at an advantage over your competition. Moreover, listings that integrate such videos of property captured in style look better than the listings presented to clients in a traditional or regular way.

Employing drone videos for real estate marketing will undoubtedly make your business a pacesetter for the industry. To survive and thrive in an very dynamic and exceptionally competitive market such as real estate, you have to be open to staying abreast with technological advances because modern property buyers expect no less!