We provide you with game changing marketing tools that will give you a competitive advantage in your market. Our team will find out what your goals and needs are, devise strategies using the latest tools available and run your campaigns with precision. We have the best analytics that can show real rates of return on your investments. We will be your digital strategy partner.

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Make Your Marketing Strategy a Game Changer

Location based Mobile Ads

Custom Design Precision Targeting Interactive Elements

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Custom Audiences Re-Targeting Messenger Chat Bots.

Drone Services

We have licesnced Drone Pilots on standby for your marketing needs

Covid-19 Recovery

We can help you rebound from the Pandemic with a well thoght out Digital Marketing Strategy

Get Your Message Where Your Customers Are

Game Changer Media Group offers the most complete local marketing tool set available. Our software makes it easy for you to manage your location data, presence, reputation and analysis.

Marketing Tools for Business

Designing ads that are then deployed on all of the most popular mobile apps, websites and ad network. We custom design them to and micro target your ideal customers with interactive elements, geo targeting, robust analytics .

We Guarantee Our Results. Only Pay for Performance using our Facebook and Instagram Marketing Programs.

  • Based on your needs, we create a strategy and a call to action.
  • We Custom design your Ad with graphics, photos and copy.
  • We Custom design your target audience to meet your objectives.
  • We publish and oversee the campaign from start to finish.
  • We supply you with comprehensive analytics to gauge the results.
  • All while working with a budget your control.


Keep up to date with using the latest marketing technology out there that are helping businesses grow.

Advantages of Drone Videos for Real Estate

Advantages of Drone Videos for Real Estate

The real estate industry is very agile and competitive, particularly the Jacksonville, Florida market which has grown very tight. To keep up, realtors have to remain on top of their game by embracing technological advances and resources such as drone videos as part of...

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Some of the top digital marketing trends of 2017 are the following: marketing automation mobile Marketing and Social Media Marketing. They are all in the top echelon of needs for small businesses today. We at Game Changer Media Group can do all...

Facebook Messenger Bots are a Game Changer

Facebook Messenger Bots are a Game Changer

Be prepared for your mind to be Blown Facebook Messenger bots are the new rage now for marketers and a new tool that is going to transform how businesses communicate with their customers in the very near future. Facebook opened their Messenger API to...

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